Better Chargebee – Brings Chargebee to Shopify

Chargebee needs no introduction if you are familiar with the world of recurrent billing apps.  Equally, Shopify has become the most popular way to set up a sales website with a shopping cart solution to manage customer orders, despatch goods and take payment. 

In theory, therefore, if you are looking to add a recurring subscription billing app to your Shopify store, a marriage between Shopify and Chargebee should be a match made in heaven but not quite!

Chargebee and Shopify have historically not always integrated very well together which is frustrating for the business owner as you want to use the best of the best.  Both pieces of software were built independently without necessarily referencing the other so there are areas where they just don’t bond well.

But first, more about Chargebee and Shopify

There is no doubt that Chargebee is the premier subscription management app offering all of the functionality of its more expensive rivals at a fraction of the cost.  The benefits of Chargebee include:-

  • A cloud-based system
  • Comprehensive and versatile features which make it suitable for business of all sizes
  • Easy to use and intuitive processes
  • Add price changes, discounts and run promotions
  • Recurring and one-off billing

Shopify makes setting up an online store so quick and easy.  Business owners pay one monthly rate for which you can develop an entire website to promote, sell and despatch your goods. 

Shopify is so popular because it is easy to use, quick – you can be online in around a week or less – and has low start-up costs.  You really don’t need a lot of tech knowledge to be able to achieve a good result on Shopify, probably one of the reasons why it is so favoured. 

It would seem only common sense, therefore, to add Chargebee to your existing Shopify store but integration has proved poor meaning users cannot get the best out of either product and there are frustrating areas of non-compatibility.

What is Better ChargeBee?

We decided to sort out the glitches with Chargebee and devised, Better Chargebee as a response.  This is an app specifically for Shopify so now we really can have the best of both worlds.  It’s been so successful that we have decided to share the app so now you can enjoy the experience too.

How does Better Chargebee work?

We looked at the rough edges between Shopify and Chargebee and smoothed them off, providing a rounded and simplified integration between the two. 

Ease of user experience is our priority so we start by walking you through some of Chargebee’s settings.  Our app then operates a simple and intuitive dashboard which allows you to access Chargebee’s main functionality from Shopify.

Key Features of Better Chargebee

  • The app allows you to offer conditional discounts, for example, buy two of a product and receive a third half price
  • Set frequency subscription options
  • Choose the products you want to make available for purchase within the subscription option
  • Allow customer management of their subscription from their store account with Shopify freeing you up from routine processing requests and giving customers the control they want
  • Once payments are processed in Chargebee, a subscription order is automatically created in Shopify

The difference that is Better Chargebee

Better Chargebee was built on the premise that if you add it to the existing functionality of Chargebee, then you can tailor your business how you want to, producing subscription products that fit your needs.  In many cases, you have to mould your subscription business into the existing functionality and parameters of an app; the key distinction with Better Chargebee is you don’t have to. 

Combine our app with the advanced functionality of Chargebee and totally streamline your subscription billing offering on Shopify.

  • Sep 25, 2019
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